Shipping Services Based in Columbia, MD

WHG Logistics Ships Your Products Across the U.S. and Caribbean Islands

WHG Logistics is the most trusted logistics company offering shipping services based in Columbia, MD. WHG Logistics ships barrels, boxes, business cargo, and home products biweekly between the United States and the Caribbean Islands. Our contractors transport freight such as barrels, cartons, furniture, and household goods. Our goal is to provide dependable, specialized shipping services while earning our clients’ confidence and loyalty.

WHG provides thorough and cost-effective service porting in Baltimore and delivery throughout the Caribbean Islands. Our management has more than 10 years of Caribbean shipping experience. Returning residents can also take advantage of special packages. Contact us online or by calling (240) 801-7725 or toll free at (800) 424-0278 to schedule various shipping services today.

Simplify Your Shipping Needs in Columbia, MD with WHG Logistics

WHG Logistics simplifies your shipping experience by offering a single point of contact for your organization and your clients. Allow us to handle pick-up to delivery regardless if your warehouse is in Laurel, MD, Garrett, MD, or Baltimore. WHG Logistics’ supply chain professionals analyze your needs, issues, and prices through routing and network analysis.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, and food based in Florida to New York. As a result, you can be confident that WHG Logistics can create a logistical solution that matches your company model. Our delivery people can facilitate access to rail, air, and seaports. WHG Logistics can help you reach the world from Columbia, MD.

Transloading Options Available for Caribbean Shipping

For businesses looking to ship to the Caribbean Islands, WHG Logistics is your one-stop logistics service provider. Our drivers are able to pick up your product from the warehouse and deliver it to port. WHG offers transloading for customers needing to move products from trucks to shipping cargo.

WHG Logistics ensures secure handling of your items from beginning to conclusion. Make sure your items arrive on time with bi-weekly shipments between the states and the Caribbean Islands.

WHG Logistics is the most trusted logistics company offering shipping services based in Columbia, MD.