Various Logistics and Delivery Services Across Maryland

WHG Logistics is the Most Trusted Logistics Company Serving Maryland

WHG Logistics offers various logistics and delivery services across Maryland or any state along the east coast. Licensed and insured to transport cargo across the country and to the Caribbean Islands, trust WHG Logistics. To meet the difficulties of your organization, your transportation network should be as dynamic and adaptive as feasible. Our contractors offer reasonable pricing and assured capacity when your company needs it the most.

Our skilled drivers ensure your freight arrives on schedule and in the exact condition when they pick it up. Whether you are close to our headquarters in Maryland or are based in Florida, our company works with you. Single items, partial loads, full loads, direct store delivery, and reoccurring scheduled pickups are all part of our transportation services. To discuss what services work best for your company, contact us online. You can also call WHG Logistics at (240) 801-7725 and toll free (800) 424-0278.

What You Get with WHG Logistics:

Inspections: Before assembling the transported goods, pre and post-site checks take place.

Proper Packaging: WHG Logistics uses premium packaging supplies. These include hardwood boxes, packing peanuts, styrofoam, movers wraps, bubble wrap, glass masks, cardboard, and more. Additionally, our contractors take precautions to protect your shipment from moisture and movement during delivery.

Meticulous Handling: Throughout the whole packaging, shipping, delivery, and setup processes, we handle your shipment with the utmost care. Drivers and packagers can manage the particular requirements of your goods, and take into account all specific concerns.

Guaranteed On-time Delivery: WHG Logistics’ delivery service specialists train to deliver your cargo in a timely and secure manner. Our contractors stay in contact with you throughout the process to keep you informed and up to date.

Equipment Assembly/Disassemble: If you choose these add-on services, delivery specialists will disassemble your item at its current location. They will then take it to the destination and reassemble it. If the item is coming from a warehouse or store, our team will assemble it for you. Our delivery specialists will have the tools and knowledge to handle any of your assembly needs.

WHG Logistics offers various logistics and delivery services across Maryland.